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Analysis of the current situation of China's instrumentation industry

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After several decades, especially in the past ten years of construction and development, China's instrumentation has initially formed an industrial system with relatively complete product categories,

  After several decades, especially in the past ten years of construction and development, China's instrumentation has initially formed an industrial system with relatively complete product categories, a certain scale of production and development capabilities, and become the second largest instrument and meter producing country in Asia except Japan。 。

  According to incomplete statistics, enterprises with an annual output value of less than 5 million yuan were not included in the statistics。 Some military enterprises and products were not included in the statistics。 In 2003, the total number of instrumentation production enterprises in China was 2,232, and the total industrial output value was 97 billion yuan。 Sales revenue was 921。 100 million yuan; including medical equipment, industrial output value and sales revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan。 Among them, the total number of industrial automation instrumentation and control system enterprises is 620, the total industrial output value is 28。5 billion yuan, and the sales income is 28。2 billion yuan; accounting for 28%, 28。5% and 29% respectively of the instrument and meter industry。 The total number of scientific instruments enterprises is 525, the total industrial output value is 26。3 billion yuan, and the sales revenue is 25。1 billion yuan。 The data are about 25 percent of the total industry。 The total number of electronic and electrical measuring instruments enterprises was 285, the total industrial output value was 14。8 billion yuan, and the sales revenue was 14。7 billion yuan, accounting for 13%, 14% and 14。6% respectively of the whole industry。 The total number of other types of instrumentation enterprises, total industrial output value and sales revenue accounted for less than 34% of the total industry。

  Since the "Ninth Five-Year Plan", especially in the past three years, China's instrumentation has developed rapidly and the situation is very good, mainly reflected in the following aspects.
1. The annual average growth rate of industrial output value and sales revenue of the instrumentation industry exceeded 12%. In 2003, the growth rate in 2002 was 26.2% and 25.4%. According to the statistics of more than 30 analytical instrument manufacturers in the country, the total sales in 2002 was about 1.04 billion yuan. The total sales in 2003 increased by 40%. It is expected to continue to grow by 40% in 2004, reaching 2 billion yuan.
2. A group of technologically advanced products with international competitiveness are constantly emerging. In particular, the domestic industrial control system has significantly improved the DCS level. It has already undertaken 60 sets of 300,000 kilowatt generator sets, half of which have been put into operation well, and won the bid for the international bidding for the 600,000-kilowatt generating unit construction project, which fully possesses international competitiveness. The annual output of medium and high-grade pressure/differential pressure transmitters produced by Yokogawa Instruments has exceeded 70,000 units and entered the top 10 in the world. Among scientific instruments, a number of independent intellectual property rights such as microwave plasma torch spectrometry, micro electrokinetic chromatography system, capillary electrophoresis-electrochemiluminescence detector, etc. are entering the international advanced ranks.
3. The import and export trade of instrumentation products grew rapidly. In 2003, the total import and export volume reached US$12.1 billion, and the export volume was US$2.95 billion, an increase of 52.6% year-on-year. Exported products already contain high-tech industrial control systems and precision scientific instruments. In 2002, the total value of instruments for physical and chemical analysis exported by China was US$302 million, which was only 1% of US exports. In 2003, the total export value of the instrument jumped to US$125 million, an annual increase of 291%, reaching 3.3% of US exports. %. The export of low-end and mid-range digital multimeters accounts for 60% of the world market. Exporting countries not only restrict Asia, Africa, but many products have entered the European and American markets.
4. The instrument and instrument enterprise system in China has undergone tremendous changes. The rapid development of foreign-funded enterprises and the rapid rise of private enterprises have become the mainstay of the instrumentation industry. In 2003, the sales revenue of foreign-funded enterprises accounted for more than 40% of the whole industry, and profits accounted for 53.6 percent of the whole industry. Private enterprises followed closely and increased investment. For example, Zhengtai Group invested 100 million yuan to enter the industrial automation instrument industry. The group merged the national testing machine company Jinan Test Group. Zhejiang Zhongkong Technology (Group) Co., Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hollysys Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. have developed into the most powerful industrial control system companies in China, with annual sales revenues exceeding RMB 500 million and development. The momentum is very good.

  It should be clearly seen that although China's instrumentation industry has made great progress, it is still far from meeting the growing and urgent needs of the national economy, scientific research, national defense construction, and social development。 Most of China's instrumentation products belong to low-end and mid-range products。 The technical level is equivalent to the international level in the early 1990s。 The high-end large-scale instruments are almost entirely dependent on imports。 In 2003, China's total import of instruments and meters totaled 9。15 billion US dollars, equivalent to 73% of the total output value of the whole industry in China。 Excluding the export part, China's domestic instruments and meters accounted for only 51。4% of the domestic market, and the gap was as high as half。 Of course, this is in terms of total market sales, but the status quo is severe。

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